Earth Healing Gathering




Welcome to this opportunity to learn more about our Earth Healing Gathering in Vermont.  As part of a network of individuals and Groups around the planet, our goal is to serve the Creation, precious Earth, by working co-creatively with the human, angelic, and devic kingdoms for healing purposes.  We also seek to teach others how to offer this vitally important service to the world.


The Vermont Earth Healing Gathering has been meeting since 1999, on a regular monthly basis.  Our first meetings took place at the ‘Angelic Light Outpost’, in Burlington, Vermont.  Since those first few meetings, we next met for many years at the Awakening Sanctuary, in Monkton, Vermont, a most precious and very special place.  Since the sale of our beloved Awakening Sanctuary, this past year we have been meeting at our new home at the Sunray Peace Village in Lincoln, VT.,


If you are new to Earth Healing practices, we will introduce the work with a discussion and overview of the clearing process.  This will be followed by an experiential opportunity for each person to connect individually with each member of the Triune Council, the supervising unseen beings with whom we work, and who represent the heads of the human, angelic, and devic hierarchies.  This has  been a very powerful and positive experience for participants in the past, successful beyond what we could have imagined.  People have had such profound life changing experiences!

For beginners wishing to experience this type of rewarding and important work, the format will be the following: Invocation, review of guidelines, optional sharing, half hour discussion of beginning steps of clearing process and then application of the clearing process with a particular devic being who presents itself to us.  The session will end with the closing, dedication of merit, and brief sharing over what people experienced.  For those individuals wanting to experience this for the first time, please call ahead so that we can prepare accordingly.  Thank you.



In summary:


What:  Earth Healing Gathering


Who:  Facilitated by Jennifer Vyhnak Bristol, VT  802-453-6411;  Also facilitated by  our students when they are ready.


Where:  Sunray Meditation Society, Lincoln, VT


When:  One Sunday per month, usually around the new moon.  Call Jennifer for date of next gathering.


Why:  To learn about and apply Earth Healing Techniques and share psychic       impressions of the experience with one another as a teaching method.


Fee:  Heart Donation to pay for use of facilities