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Free Event:  the second Friday of each month

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Why:  For the healing of ourselves and the planet.  The Grandmothers have come at this time to bring the world back into balance.  As they say, “The world needs mothering right now”.


What is it:  Jennifer Vyhnak of Bristol and Ellen Rotax of New Haven will facilitate an event for people to learn about and experience the Council of the Grandmothers.  This is a free event.  Donations gratefully accepted.


The Premise:  The Grandmothers teach that masculine energy or ’Yang’ energy and feminine energy or ’Yin’ energy are out of balance.  Yang  energy on Earth is now out of control in destructive ways because yin  energy is greatly depleted.  The Grandmothers show us how to correct this imbalance for the benefit of all.


    Yang energy:  action, creates change, innovates, forceful movement.


    Yin energy:  energy of receptivity, the foundational energy of the   universe.  It nurtures, supports and nourishes the whole, and is needed to be restored, to anchor yang energy for beneficial purposes.


To Learn More:  Go to  To read Jennifer and Ellen’s article on their experiences with the Grandmother’s work, go to and click on ’Council of the Grandmothers’.

Call (802)-453-6411 for information.


The Grandmothers Speak with an Invitation to you.

By Jennifer Vyhnak and Ellen Rotax

We sat on the mossy floor of the Moon Arbor at the Sunray Peace Village as thunder rumbled ever closer on the cloudy afternoon of August 10, 2008.  With plastic covering on the ground and on us, my good friend Ellen Rotax and I sat in our protective wrappings, hoping the mosquitoes would respect our prayers and let us be.  No such luck. 

It was time to begin our first Shamanic Journey together since learning the technique this past weekend.  Ellen and I had just returned from the Providence, Rhode Island Zen Center after a day of communion with some Beings known simply as ‘The Grandmothers’.  Introduced to us through Sharon McErlane , the Grandmothers taught us a simple and safe technique to journey in the upper or lower worlds in seeking answers to the questions of our hearts. Ellen and I decided that in this first of many adventures together, I would be drumming and she would be journeying with the Grandmothers.

Who are the Grandmothers, you may ask, and why did we want to seek their advice in this manner?  My story begins last summer in London, England, where I was just beginning to teach a three day workshop called, ‘Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture and Deva Experiential’.  I would be teaching a seasoned group of Earth Healing practitioners a number of methods of working with the energies of the Earth and how to communicate with the Nature intelligences of an area to restore energetic balance to the land. 

Our coordinator’s helper, a most loving and kind man named Richard, came up to me before the workshop began and said something like, “Jennifer, I had a dream that you would work with the Grandmothers and give me the ‘Cloak of Comfort Ceremony’.  I feel it can only be you.  Would you do this ceremony for me?”  Not one to refuse unusual requests from the Universe, whichever part of the Divine Creation they came from, I asked what would be involved in this ceremony.  He first told me he felt this had something to do with my life’s work in this world.   Richard gave me a web site,, and said I could learn about the ceremony and the Grandmother’s work from there. 

On the second evening of our workshop, I had time to look up the web site and saw that a woman named Sharon McErlane from Laguna Beach, California, had been visited by a group of beings known as ‘The Grandmothers’.  They say they represent all forms of the Divine.  They have come at this time to help human beings anchor the great Mother energies, or ‘Yin’ energies, on Earth through the women called to do this work.  Men can also assist with this work, and their help is much needed.  Most importantly, this work with the Grandmothers is also about helping men come back into balance from their out of control ‘Yang’ energy which is currently wreaking havoc on our precious Earth.  They are out of control and cannot come back into balance without the help of women, who are natural generators of ‘Yin’ energy.  After reading all I could from the web site, I looked inwardly into my heart and had a strong intuition that I was to do this ‘Cloak of Comfort Ceremony’ for Richard.  I told him the next day that I would do this for him, and that when I returned to the States I would begin my preparations.

Jump ahead a number of months to February, 2008, when I was finally ready to offer Richard the ceremony.  For some background,  I have been blessed to be in the presence of Native American Elder’s offering the wisdom teachings of their traditions for almost 20 years now, (, see ‘Native American Elder’s Gathering’.)  One particular Elder, Grandfather Hollis Little Creek, (now deceased), of the Anishinabe Tribe, had inspired me greatly over the many summers I had the good fortune to sit in his company.  He often would say that the most important work in the world was to help balance the male and female energies of the planet, and that this imbalance was causing great harm to the Earth and all life upon it at this time.  I felt that this opportunity to work with the Grandmothers was how I could begin to assist in this great healing opportunity before us.  So to prepare for Richard’s ceremony, I completed reading Sharon’s book, ‘A Call to Power:  The Grandmother’s Speak’.  I spoke with Sharon by phone and finally all was ready.  Inside I knew I could do this.  Richard and I set a date.  We connected by phone and I offered him the ceremony.

Jumping ahead to this August, 2008, Sharon McErlane’s Gathering of the Grandmother leaders for the East Coast took place last weekend, on 8/9/08.  Since performing Richard’s ceremony, I was now considered to be one of these leaders.  My good friend Ellen also felt called by the Grandmother’s work, and so we had the great pleasure of accompanying one another to this event at the ever so peaceful and beautiful Providence, RI, Zen Center.  We met Sharon McErlane, who impressed me as ‘love personified’.  We also had the pleasure of meeting almost 30 other women from the New England area, ranging in age from early 20s to late 70s or 80s.  A funny thing was that everyone looked so familiar!  Certainly I had met some of these wonderful women before, but perhaps not during this lifetime.

I experienced a full basket of blessings at that workshop.  Ellen and I decided to try out the Shamanic Drumming technique we learned there, once we returned home to Vermont.  We wanted to explore with the Grandmothers through the Shamanic journeying, how we were to help their work of bringing in ‘The Great Mothering’ and help balance the energies of Yin and Yang in the people.  So as we sat in a lovely place at the Sunray Peace Village, I started to drum and Ellen began her journeying process with that question in her heart. 

I must have done an adequate job with the drumming, because Ellen had a powerful and very clear experience with the Grandmothers.  Among other things, the Grandmothers communicated to Ellen that each of us was to write our own articles about our experiences.  Thus, I am writing this article for you, dear reader, today.  The Grandmothers will be giving us more guidance regarding the details of what, when, where, etc.  The next time I will be journeying and Ellen will be drumming, and I am looking forward to this! 

So, in fulfilling this task commitment of writing about our experiences thus far with the Grandmothers, we are excited to introduce this work to those who are interested.  We believe it provides a very important opportunity for the healing of ourselves and the Earth.  If it speaks to you, please research this work of the Grandmothers ( and get in touch with us locally (802-453-6411).  Please now read on to Ellen’s article as we seek to follow the Grandmother’s advice as faithfully as possible, and submit both of our articles together as one.  Thank you.

Jennifer Vyhnak, Bristol, VT, 8/12/08

The following was written by Ellen Rotax of New Haven, VT, on 8/12/08

                A Call To Power : The Grandmother’s Speak is a book written by Sharon McErlane who in 1996 had a vision that changed her life . Since then she has been sharing this message with others all over the world. I was fortunate enough to have attended one of her workshops recently with my dear friend Jennifer Vyhnak at the Providence Zen Center in Providence RI.

My personal experience from having read the book and then attending the workshop with twenty eight other people from New England, women and men, was amazing. The Grandmother’s message came alive and spoke directly and personally to many. I cannot say with certainty that everyone felt that was true for them only because I did not ask everyone directly. But I know I am not alone in feeling this way. The Grandmother’s words are powerful and moving. You know that feeling you get in your center when you hear a profound truth? A stirring of excitement? Sometimes it literally takes your breath away.

You may be asking “who are the Grandmother’s?” Sharon says “they embody the feminine Divine.” I guess that sums it up. I would like to imagine a world where everyone could agree that the Divine is love, pure and simple.

The Native Americans prophesied about them saying “when the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard the world will heal.” Most people know grandmother’s as loving us unconditionally. Those that haven’t been blessed with such a grandmother dream about one.

The Grandmothers messages are too numerous and profound to summarize in a few sentences but one stands out for me and that is that “the world needs mothering now”. They teach that the energies of “yin and yang are out of balance. Yang has grown excessive. Increasingly wild and violent, yang energy cannot come back into balance without the intervention of yin”. “Yin or feminine energy needs to bring balance and the way to do this is to empower women. To remind them how much beauty/power there is in love.

Sharon McErlane a psychotherapist from Laguna Beach, Ca. has embodied the teachings of The Great Council of the Grandmother’s. She speaks with authenticity and honesty. And with beauty and dignity she shares her experience with us . She has posted the Grandmother’s messages and locations of empowerment groups on her web site

End of Article  ###


Upon completion today of our second Shamanic Journeying with the Grandmothers, (with Ellen drumming and Jennifer journeying this time), here are our results:  A Grandmother’s Monthly Study Group is on the second Friday of each month.  You are invited to come and be a part of the ‘Great Mothering’ that is so needed right now.  Both men and women are welcome and this event is free and open to the public.  The only requirement is a tug upon your heart to come and a sincere desire to be of service for the greater good.  Format:  Retelling the story of the Grandmothers;  Sharing circle;  Reading of this month’s message from the Grandmothers;  Offering of Empowerment Ceremony for women and Cloak of Comfort Ceremony for men if desired.  Please note:  Participants can either support others receiving the ceremony or step forward to receive it themselves.  Call (802)-453-6411 for more info.  Please RSVP so that we can prepare well.  Thank you.