Magical Garden, Healing Garden

By Jennifer Vyhnak


Have you ever prayed for something really big and far-reaching?  This is a true story about the fulfillment of one such prayer on the spiritual journey of my life.


Last year, as winter began to manifest, in my daily prayers and meditation practice I would make a request to Creator and the beloved beings all around me.  I asked to receive my perfect healing.


Something of great impact soon occurred in my life, on January 4, 2005.  On this day I was running up a stairway in an old Vermont home, and being distracted momentarily, I forgot about the low overhang.  My head crashed full force into the ceiling above, and my life, as I knew it changed dramatically. 


The doctor called it a classic concussion, which could take anywhere from three to six months to resolve.  From my background as a speech-language pathologist, I marveled at the great cascade of symptoms that washed through my stunned awareness.


For days I was in shock, an altered state of consciousness.  Often I would just sit on the living room couch staring into nothingness, no awareness of time passing as it sped on by.  I could only tolerate quite.


What kept me from sinking into the depths of fear and depression initially was my constant fascination with experiencing and identifying many symptoms of brain injury I had only heard of or read about before.  Oddly enough, my husband was the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Vermont, and a survivor of a moderate brain injury himself, so I knew quite a bit about the subject.  But to experience it first hand was a whole different matter.  I felt like a scientist living in a laboratory, the laboratory of my body, and I got to observe and discover what was being presented on the screen of my own life.  “Wow, look at my word finding problems!!” I would say with amazement to my husband.  “So this is what it’s like to have tinnitus!” (ringing in the ears). 


Thus in the early days I was more fascinated than scared.  I observed all of the following amazing phenomenon in myself: Part of my brain always felt asleep; Not being aware of time passing; Major forgetfulness like what I had for breakfast or what I did the previous night; No independent flow of imagination as my mind was completely blank when not engaged with something specific, like a human being, a book, or TV; Not understanding what people were saying during animated, fast paced speaking; My body felt like there was an electrical charge going through it all the time;  My hands would be slightly shaking and in fact I felt shaky all over, as if the ground I walked on was also moving;  Balance problems and not having efficient control over moving my body in space, like overshooting the car seat and landing on the stick shift when just getting into the car;  Finally, I would get agitated when a lot of activity was happening around me.  These are perhaps the ‘high lights’ of scores of subtle and not so subtle changes to my own body as a result of my concussion.


Although first buoyed up the fascination of my predicament, my own fears began to overtake me as days rolled into weeks, which rolled into months.  Everything felt frozen in time, as I floated through an unknown universe of uncharted territory.


A persistent thought began to form in my dulled awareness.  As it grew, it evolved into an energized, happy, warm-fuzzy thought within a big sea of emptiness.  What came to me were endearing thoughts of my garden, as planting time approached.


I have a unique relationship to my garden, and often wonder how many other people have similar experiences.   My garden first came into being three years ago, and my gardening knowledge was almost non-existent at that time.  I didn’t want to read about gardening; I just wanted to learn as I went along.  So I often took the opportunity to ask my friends and the good people at our nearby natural food market about how to grow vegetables. 


My friend Dee Deluca came to my house one day, just after I had my garden plot tilled, and she and I spent the morning planting all my neat little heirloom seed packets.  We planted them in wave patterns and other unique configurations, having lots of fun.  That was how I learned to plant seeds.  Just about everything I learned about gardening came from asking questions and not from books.


For the first couple years of my gardening I was always so busy with a number of projects all happening at once.  Often the garden would become a nuisance chore.  But this year all productive activity had been stopped from the concussion.  My husband, who worked out of our home at the time, looked after me and took over my work responsibilities as a developmental care home provider.  So I had lots of time to sit and observe.


This year, as my garden so strongly inserted itself into my awareness, I found myself drawn to the Machaelle Small Wright Garden workbooks I had purchased years before but never felt the urge to spend much time with them.  I guess I wasn’t ready then, but something changed.  As I wasn’t able to engage in anything productive that required me to move about, I began to read those books with a vigorous appetite for all the information they held.


Machaelle’s books are about communicating with Nature intelligences, and how to work co-creatively with Nature to achieve a balanced environment.  This environment could be in our gardens, on our farms, in our homes and businesses, and it spirals out from there.  I have been very involved over the last seven years in working with the devas of place, especially homes, towns, and cities.  I’m an energy worker with the Earth, which is my passion and my purpose.  In fact, my work, as a form of service, has taken me into the realm of miracles as I facilitate healing and teach others how to help heal the Devic realm.


Given that I was moving into my third year with the garden, from the beginning I started with a rudimentary process of co-creating with nature.  My methods followed somewhat in the traditions of the early Findhorn Foundation, inspired by Dorothy MacLean’s experiences of co-creating with Nature in the Findhorn gardens, and also in the tradition of the great work at Perelandra, under the co-direction of Machaelle Small Wright and Nature. 


Regarding my work, whenever the opportunity presented itself, I would connect with the Deva of the Garden, give thanks, offer corn meal to the nature spirits, and begin my gardening for that day.  I also connected with the devas of the specific plants to find out which ones wanted to be in the garden, which ones to plant that day, and where in the garden they wanted to be.  This kind of information was always readily available and happily shared by Nature to me.


As I deepened myself in the Perelandra Garden Workbook methods, I utilized kinesiology as a way of communicating with Nature.  For the last seven years I have had ample experience with Machaelle’s ‘MAP’ or ‘Medical Assistance Program’, and have dealt most effectively with my seasonal affective disorder using healing methods with the unseen realms of spirit, which, as anyone who does ‘MAP’ can attest, you learn your kinesiology very well.  So with kinesiology well in hand, (no pun intended), for the first time ever this year for my garden I applied the Perelandra processes of energy cleansing, the battle energy release process, and soil balancing and stabilizing processes.  Wow, was I pleased with the results!  My garden felt full of life force, grew happy, healthy vegetables for our household this year, and because of the Nature sanctuary created in a section of the garden, there were very few insects present.  No pesticides have ever been used.


These are some of the highlights of my truly amazing experience in the garden this year.  Imbued with divine conscious presence of the Spirit, I feel my garden reached out to me and said, ‘Come this way and work with your life like a garden.’  And as I listened to and followed that still, small voice within, I was lifted up and guided to rediscover the essentials of healthy living.  My life now feels retooled and perhaps more focused than before.  I’m also now more actively involved with listening to, clarifying and supporting the temple of my body, this temple of the Holy Spirit that lives within.  And radiating out from that, I’m continuing to clarify the environment of the larger temple, my own home, by creating beauty, peace and nourishment for the soul there.   I remember hearing Native American Elders say, ‘Beauty above me, beauty below me, beauty all around.  In beauty it is finished’. 


In closing, the perfect healing that came to me as a result of my prayer and the ensuing concussion seems to be one of expanding that path of beauty and sacredness in all aspects of my life.  The healing path lead me to go deeper and more fully into the garden of my life, and to consciously co-create with all that is there.  And the fruit of my harvest is to produce healthy relationships of balance and harmony with the all that is within me and around me.


So I give thanks for the opportunity to re-discover these powerful truths and to share what I have learned with you.  May our lives be fully blessed by the powerful love, wisdom, and beauty of the natural world, the divine Creation, as it seeks to be embraced by us in joyful celebration of our sacred partnership, the revealed path of our mutual healing.


Jennifer Vyhnak presented at Findhorn Scotland, as part of the ‘Restore the Earth!’ International Conference.  As an expression of her deep love and appreciation for the Creator and the Creation, Jennifer facilitates workshops in Europe and the U.S. that teach how to communicate with the unseen forces of Nature and how to work in cooperation with them to help heal Mother Earth.  On site or distance energy clearings for homes and businesses are also offered.  For further information, or to arrange for a speaking engagement, contact Jennifer at  or 802-453-6411.  Jennifer is a resident of Bristol, Vermont.