The New Children Of All Ages

What: What do these terms mean and do they relate to my child or me?

We will discuss the phenomenon of why there are so many children and teens requiring special education and tutoring now, why autism is on the rise, and why so many are opting out of traditional education and into home-schooling. This is a presentation and sharing circle.

Please call 453-6411 to organize a workshop in your area.  Within love and light, we are co-creative beings desiring to manifest this workshop for the benefit of all.

Kate Lanxner is a holistic practitioner of chakra balancing energy work, flower essence therapy, and clairvoyant readings, who has offered services to Vermonters since 1992, as well as to clients in other parts of the USA and Europe. Based now at a chiropractic office in South Burlington, she has been treating the New Children, as well as creating and participating in seminars and workshops on the subject, for the past ten years. She also works in the Burlington Public Schools as a tutor for special needs kids. Starting recently in the fall of 2007, with colleague Connie Helms, she has begun to present lectures to organizations on alternative solutions for the wellbeing and success of kids, teens and adults with behavior and attention challenges.

Kate has contributed writing for articles on this subject and other spiritual/holistic topics for the local Everchanging Magazine and the international Sedona Journal of Emergence (the article was entitled, “The Indigo Children and the World of Harry Potter”). She is the mother of a sixteen-year-old daughter who exhibits most of the qualities mentioned in the well-known Indigo children books of Doreen Virtue and Lee Carroll. To contact Kate for individual consults, readings, healings, and spiritual art offerings, please phone (802) 860-7401 or email

Jennifer Vyhnak received her BA and MA in Communication Disorders, resulting in a professional practice as a speech-language pathologist for over 20 years. Her spiritual influences are rooted in Quakerism, Buddhism, and Native American Sacred Studies. Jennifer’s passion is to teach people how to use their psychic abilities to communicate with the Devic Kingdom to help heal the Earth as well as helping individuals manifest the plans of their souls for this lifetime.

Jennifer has been a presenter of devic communication and healing methods at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She leads workshops and classes in sacred co-creative gardening and earth healing.  Through following the leadings of Spirit within, she is a co-founder (with Jonathan Corcoran and Bunny Daubner) of the ‘Call of the Trees’,, in collaboration with Dorothy MacLean, of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.  She is also founder of the Vermont Ukulele Society as a contribution to positive, joyous energy in the world,