We are honored and privileged to share these powerful testimonials from participants in response to attending our Earth Healing trainings and workshops around the world.  Please enjoy, and be inspired!

Jennifer Vyhnak for the Earth Healing Institute

The Key to Everything by Cynthia Schaefer, Charlotte, Vermont

When I first read about the Co-creative Gardening Study Group last March, I had an amazing, visceral reaction to what I was reading, and I knew instantly that I HAD to take this class!  I don’t think I actually ever finished reading the article about the class!  My intuition was in overdrive, compelling me to pick up the phone and immediately call the instructor.  Of course, I reached her (Jennifer Vyhnak ) on the first call, and went to my first class that very night! 

I think of all the times I ignore my intuition, and push away that small voice attempting to guide me.   I am overwhelmed by the immensity of what I would have missed if I had ignored it in that moment.  My intuition was guiding me to the doorway of a whole new world, and an entirely new way of being in the world.

On the surface, the Co-creative Gardening Study Group (which we affectionately call the Magical Gardening Class) boils down to using kinesiology (muscle testing) to receive information from the world around us.  Specifically, we learn to communicate directly with nature, and work with nature in a co-creative partnership that brings balance and health to our gardens, homes, and the internal gardens of our souls.  When I began, I was excited to approach the garden in a new way.  What I could not have known at the time was how deeply transformative this work would be, or how it would change EVERYTHING for me.

Initially, I had to cope with my own doubts and skepticism regarding an approach to gardening (and life!) that was outside my realm of experience, and, in fact, outside my previous system of belief.  I think that in many ways the cultural and academic conditioning in American society at large forces us to repress our intuition, and all non-measurable ways of knowing.  The course materials we use come primarily from the work being done by Machaelle Small Wright, at the Perelandra Research Gardens in Virginia.  I believe that when you read this material, Machaelle’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach will win you over, skepticism and all!

Perhaps the greatest gift of this class was finally getting connected.  Surely you’ve felt, at least in moments-that existential alone-ness, that illusion of separateness?  I have felt it keenly my entire life, perhaps more so than others, due to the lack of nurturing I received as a child.  In my spiritual journey over the years, I have known in my mind that everything in the universe is connected, but I could never quite feel it consistently, and thus know it with certainty.  I can’t explain exactly how it happened, but learning the kinesiology in this class dissolved whatever boundaries existed that kept me feeling separate and alone.  I am “plugged in”!

Once I was connected, I began to recognize and develop my intuitive skills.  I began to understand how clearly the electrical system of our bodies can communicate with the world around us.  I learned that getting out of my head and ‘listening’ to the subtle signals in my body is not only healthy, but it yields tremendously useful information.  This development of intuition necessarily transforms who you are and HOW you are.  Trusting my own intuition has brought a new centeredness and joy into my life.

So, what’s really the point of the Magical Gardening Class?  It certainly isn’t just for my own personal evolution!  The vision is creating healthy, vibrant, balanced environments that will link in a healing grid around this planet.  The work is remembering traditional wisdom that came from direct communication and partnership with nature intelligence.  That co-creative partnership is our place of unrealized power and potential, and it is the only way we will save our planet.  The earth itself is beseeching us in every moment to connect.  To heal us all.