We are honored and privileged to share these powerful testimonials from participants in response to attending our Earth Healing trainings and workshops around the world, specifically, the Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture and Deva Experiential Workshop.  Please enjoy, and be inspired!

Jennifer Vyhnak

For the Earth Healing Institute

Loulou G. of  Huberdeau, Quebec, Canada writes:

“The workshop was wonderful.  I really appreciated the openness and the generosity of the facilitators.  You were holding the process in such a loving way that I felt welcomed to participate in it.  It has been very healing for me to share my stories with the group, thanks to the spiritual safe space you created.  I see a big difference in the way I hold my truth.  I used to hide it, fearing rejection, and now it just is.  Like if things are falling into place…”  

“…One last note, I really enjoyed working as a team on location.  How each of us would bring his-her own vision to the group and by resonating with one another we would weave an image of the situation that felt right.  Again, this feeling that each of us has something valuable to bring and that we can work together, was healing in itself.  Thank you so much!  I’m very excited by the work we initiated together.  It is still moving inside of me.  I’m looking forward to meet again!”

Angele V. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada writes:

“Bonjour Jennifer, Rich et Nanda-  Thank you for your implications for the Earth, for life, for life infinity???.  In my heart I have very much joy and tranquility (peace).  You are the angels!  Thanks a lot!”

Dennis Q. of Sainte-Adele, Quebec, writes:

1.  Most meaningful workshop activities and why:  “The knowledge about the Devas and how they work with us and through us is where I was the most impressed and touched deeply by their divine generosity.  I was also impressed by the Buddhic Column.  I felt that Jennifer conveyed this message inspiringly to the group.

I also found the manifestation dance very interesting and it’s history throughout the ages.

I also liked the tools offered to us by Rich.

The presentations by Nanda on the Ley Lines and their interaction with our government buildings and schools was also amazing.”

2.  What Dennis would say to others in recommending this workshop: “You could say intelligence, leap of consciousness and energizing.”

Janice V. from Kingston, Ontario, Canada writes:

 1.  Most meaningful workshop activites and why:  “I thought that everything was meaningful!  The actual hands on, e.g., earth grid work/dowsing, was ultimately more meaningful because it put everything into practice.”

 2. What Janice would say to others in recommending this workshop: “This workshop was very informative and fun.  It was a privilege to share, participate, learn and practice what we can do co-creatively with others, including nature, to help our world.”

(A note on the following newly added London feedback:  More than half of the London workshop participants are energy workers / healers who have been practicing in ensemble format together in their own London Earth Healing sessions for the past four years.  Their previous experiences allowed us  to go to very deep levels of involvement, farther than we’ve gone with other workshop groups.  This unique background information is offered to place the following comments within their own context of seasoned practitioners of Earth Healing.)

Christopher G. of London, (who was our fabulous workshop coordinator) writes:

1.   Most meaningful workshop activities and why: “The work with Finsbury Park Mosque – because the strong connection with the deva and the difference it made to the ’being’ after the clearing.”

2.  What Christopher would say to others in recommending this workshop: “It was wonderful to work with such heart centered, wise and good teachers.  The difference it had on the devas was huge – They loved it – and so did I!!  ....The course was well balanced, fun, active...brilliant.”

Tanzeela M. of London writes:

1.  Most meaningful workshop activities and why:  “Learning the clearing process and receiving validation that it works.  We cleared the National Children’s Hospital and I was amazed at how different the energies felt after the clearing.  The place was more peaceful and light.”

2.  What Tanzeela would say to others in recommending this workshop: “If you wish to be of Sevice to Mother Earth, this is a great way to start!  The course offers some great tools to help our beautiful planet.  Thank you!”

Jo G. of London writes:

1.  Most meaningful workshop activities and why: “Connecting with the Devas – a reminder of a realm that I haven’t been connecting with in more than a passing way. 

     *  The Hathor Dance – it was joyous, a reminder that no one is ever alone. 

     *  Confirmation of Earth connection and the human role in that.”

2.  What Jo would say in recommending this workshop to others: “Connecting to the other Realms, a sense of hope for human beings.”

"Nanda and Jennifer - ...You both came with a big love and open hearts.  Big love to you both."

Richard D. from London writes:

1.  Most meaningful workshop activities and why:

     *  “Meeting like minded beautiful people who care about and want to heal the planet.

     *  Dancing and singing – Great!

     *  Learning new skills

     *  It (the workshop) helped me go through some beautiful changes.                                          I’m coming into my own now.  Thank you!”

2.  What Richard would say in recommending this workshop to others: “It’s great and  beautiful – You will meet lots of loving, caring people and learn how to help the world.”

Juna Y. from London writes:

1.  Most meaningful workshop activities and why:

     *  “Hathor Dance:  I just enjoyed the dance.”

     *  “To work with nature element(s) to clear the stressed area.  I really would like to continue working with the nature elements as this is new to me.  ( I only did healing to people, so far and I would like to move with this activity and willing to work together with people with same intention.”

2.  What Juna would say in recommending this workshop to others: “If you are interested in healing the earth, working with the elements, I  would recommend this workshop.”

Carole C. From London writes:

1.  Most meaningful workshop activities and why: “Dancing, singing, hugging, ceremony.  TOGETHERNESS AND INTENTION TO HEAL.”

2.  What Carol would say in recommending this workshop to others: “S.O.S. Earth Healers:  Gia really needs us to awaken our friends.”

Dear Readers – Are you inspired?  I know I am, just sharing these precious gems with you from past workshop participants!  Consider organizing one of our life-changing workshops in your area.  Ideally, we are looking for people with organizational experience, with big networks to serve as workshop coordinators.  Another category of workshop coordinator:  Big passion in your heart for Earth Healing and you want to see this work go as far and as wide as possible, and you have a network.  If it feels right, and your heart is singing right now, contact us and explore some exciting possiblities!  We have such good news to share and so many wonderful people to further inspire in their own Sevice to Humanity and indeed, in their Service to all of Life.  We need to support each other NOW in doing the good work at hand.  Time is of the essence.


Jennifer Vyhnak

For the Earth Healing Institute