Working with the Devas:    

Moving into Right Relationship with “All That Is”

A personal journey

By Jennifer Vyhnak

In the summer of 1998, I became filled with such despair about the world situation.  Through my association with the annual Elder's Gathering in Lincoln, Vermont, ( I have come to know and respect a number of Native American Elders over the years.   This particular summer at the Gathering, there was a rumor circulating that the Earth Changes being predicted for so many years were about to be fulfilled, possibly ending most life on Earth as we knew it. 

I was touched deeply by those conversations that summer.  From that time on, every day in prayer and meditation, I asked Creator and Mother Earth what I could do to help.  I wanted to do more than just pray on my cushion; I wanted to be more active in my help.   Within two months of offering this prayer regularly, it was answered in the form a workshop that was coming to Burlington, in December of 1998, called “Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture and Deva Experiential.  I recognized immediately that I was to go.   Once at the workshop, I had an experience of being completely immersed in light -- a first for me-- in an altered, joyous state of consciousness.  In this workshop we learned many things including how to dowse, how to locate Earth energies harmful to life, and how to use exciting fourth dimensional tools that helped resolve causes of pollution.  But for me, the most important aspect of the workshop was learning about how to work with the Devic realms to help heal the Earth.  This is what I wanted to do, help heal the Earth and the distorted thought patterns of human kind.  During the ‘Deva Day’ portion of the three day workshop, we  connected with the Devas of local businesses, as well as the Deva of Lake Champlain and made offerings of love and gratitude.  My relationship with Lake Champlain has never been the same since, as now when ever I see this precious lake being, I offer my greetings and feel I am with family.  Little did I know that this workshop would start me on a path of working with the Devic realms that would take me on adventures and service beyond my wildest dreams.

What are the Devas?  In answering this, it is first helpful to understand them within the context that the Earth itself is a living being, and all her creations have conscious intelligence that is able to respond to our human thought.  This is a Truth that is held among indigenous groups around the world.  The Devas are the consciousness within the forms around us and they also hold the blueprint for that particular form.  This is true whether we are referring to the devas of homes, businesses, cities etc.  All creations that exist on Earth have Devic intelligence within them.

Those readers familiar with the Devic work at Findhorn, Scotland, ( or the Devic research of Machaelle Small Wright, Director of Perelandra, in Virginia, ( have been exposed to methods of working with the Devic intelligence of plant life to co-create amazing gardens. Now, as a human family, we are remembering how to communicate with Devas of a variety of life forms.  As I was reminded about how to do this, I found that by working co-creatively with the Devas, life has taken on a whole new meaning, and it is exiting, wonderful, and rewarding beyond belief.  I remember now that we are not alone, but part of a vast tapestry of intelligent life forms meant to be in harmonious relationship with one another.  This is the ideal.  And we can communicate with this intelligence, indeed, work intentionally with it.  But how do we do this?         

To work with the Devas, one must call upon them with an open and loving heart.  This love is the key that opens the lines of communication with the Devic realms.  The head of the Devic hierarchy has shared a process of how to work with the Devas of Cities and Towns to help re-establish them within their original perfect template of creation, free from distortions created by humanity.   On a monthly basis, a group of us have been getting together for about seven years now, working with these processes and experiencing what could be called miracles.  We connect with the Devas of cities, towns, or businesses, homes, trees, etc., and offer our tools for assistance.   It is such a joy to work with these beings!  I cannot emphasize this enough!  For the most part, these beings love to connect with humanity, and encourage us to come back into right relationship with the natural world.  This joy is so palpable, so present as part of the experience when we do our Devic healing work. 

It is just as joyous to do this precious work because of the wonderful, loving people who are called to this work.  These special human beings come with different gifts and abilities, and the result is that we can share with one another how we each experience the Deva through our unique ways of sensing them.  Some people see them, while others feel them, or hear them.  In my work with the Devas, they help me to feel sensations in my body that often have symbolic significance.  Once when I was working with the Deva of the magma dome under Yellowstone National Park, I felt its presence through a tight pressure in my chest, going up to my throat.  The message I received was that human beings are encouraged to be who we are meant to be, to express our divine nature and divine purpose for being by expressing that which creates joy in our hearts while also benefiting others. 

The wisdom that comes to us through our loving and respectful interactions with the natural world is undeniable!  A few years back, our Earth Healing Group connected with the Deva of an Elm tree that had been cut down in Jericho, VT.  As I connected with it, I felt myself becoming elongated, with the sensation of my legs becoming roots, and my head was up high in the branches.  Through this, I had an experience of being solidly grounded and connected to the Earth in such a profound way, as well as being connected to the heavens above, the gift to me from the tree.  The various perceptions of others in our group added to the color and texture of this unforgettable interchange.

A most important aspect of this work with the Devas is that our Earth Healing Group is part of a network of groups all over the planet who work with the same or similar methods as us, to help the Devas of Earth release the trauma and other disharmonious energies caused by humanity's ignorance.  The Devas have been sharing that it is important to nurture this way of connection and communication with the natural world, especially for the challenges that lie ahead.

Regarding the earth changes I mentioned earlier, since others and I have been involved with this new form of Earth Healing, Hopi Native Elders have indicated that the Earth Changes may not be as difficult and violent as the previous signs suggested.  It seems we were given a little more time to ‘come round right’, and move into ever greater harmony with the rest of Creation.  However, it seems more important than ever that we refocus on this goal and increase our efforts as a human family to come into right relationship with Earth.. Let us take full advantage of this profound opportunity to work consciously with the unseen realms to re-establish balance through respect, appreciation, and more thoughtful and skillful living.    

So I offer this as a brief description of my experiences and work with the Devic realms.  I have the honor and privilege to aid and assist others in learning these critically important healing techniques.  I encourage anyone who resonates with this type of work to pursue it, as the rewards for me have been unimaginably wondrous.  Mother/Father God, including Mother Earth, and the Devic and Angelic realms invite us to come into right relationship with all of our relations.  There is loving help around us to move towards this intention, and the co-creative work with the Devas is a solid, loving step forward in this direction.    

Jennifer Vyhnak is a Quaker as well as being a student of Native American and Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practices.  Jennifer is also a certified facilitator for Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture and Deva Experiential workshops.  In this capacity, she facilitates workshops in Europe and North America that teach how to communicate with the Devic Kingdom and how to work in cooperation with them to help heal Earth.  She also assists and works with others in a worldwide grassroots pollution clearing movement.   Jennifer is a resident of Bristol, Vermont

A workshop regarding this exciting, cutting edge work is happening in London, England, (specify dates, 2007).  Please call or e-mail (workshop coordinator) at (contact info.) for more information or to register.