Working Consciously with the Devas of our Careers and Employment to Co-Create Heaven on Earth

By Jennifer Vyhnak

As an introduction to this piece, my inner wisdom strongly suggests it is important to share the following prayer process with you, the reader. As with all major writing projects or any kind of big project, I begin with a prayer, an invocation to the unseen realms for their assistance in the writing of this piece.


Holy Creator, I give thanks for being alive and the gift of this body, and all of the opportunities that come with being alive at this time. I give thanks to the blessed Creation for all that it shares with me to help me live. My deepest love and gratitude goes out to all beings everywhere. We are one with the source of all that is...we are light, we are love, we are harmony.

Blessed Creator, I call to myself at this time all those Beings who are in alignment with my highest purpose, who support me in my growth as a spiritual being in service to divine Light and Love. To my blessed angles and guides working with me, welcome and thank you for all that you do. I am so grateful for your assistance.

I ask to connect with my higher self, my whole self, my soul self and my God self at this time. Holy Triune Council, welcome, and thank you for loving me and helping me with my spiritual development, as I offer all that I am, in loving service to the Holy Creator and the Holy Creation. I invite the deva of this article, the deva of clear and loving communication, the deva of clarity, the deva of focus, and the deva of easeful, creative expression to be connected in consciousness with me now.

Beloved ones, I ask that we come together in a sacred attunement at this time. Let us attune together with the intention to help bring forth the highest potential for all concerned. May the co-creation of this article flow effortlessly, easefully, and perfectly with crystal clarity of Love and Truth. May all beings benefit. Aho.

I write this article to share something of the essence of my work with the unseen realms of the devic, elemental, angelic and human kingdoms. I feel so blessed to have discovered, or should I say, to have remembered this connection for myself, as it is the birthright of every human being. It is time to take our place in creation as the blessed creator beings that we are, and to see who is here with us to help co-create the highest potential reality of our individual worlds and of our beloved Earth. This article addresses how I approach all major projects in my life now. The good news I have to share is about how you too can create heaven on earth through remembering and being who you really are, affirming the sacredness of this Earth upon which we live, and through skillfully applying prayers in alignment with the greater good. I am happy to share with you one of my most exciting projects to date, working consciously with the devas of our careers and employment to co-create heaven on earth. First some background.

My professional training is as a speech-language pathologist, (SLP). The main focus of my work as an SLP is to assist people with communicative handicaps to either overcome these handicaps or to learn to function to their highest communicative abilities possible. I have over 25 years experience in this field, having worked in public and private schools, hospitals and nursing homes, serving individuals with communication delays and disorders.

For most of my career in Maine and in Vermont, I have experienced great challenges in my role as an SLP. These challenges largely revolved around advocating for my students or clients to get the quality services they needed from bureaucracies that were fighting hard to keep costs down, which often resulted in keeping quality of services to a minimum. I often had to work in broom closets, or entrance halls of schools. At times I had so many students that I would have to group them inappropriately to serve them all. I was tired of being held back by funding circumstances that reduced my effectiveness as a professional, when I knew that there was so much more that could be offered to benefit my clients’ quality of life. However, I could only take so much before no longer having the will to ‘fight the good fight’ in my chosen field. My grey hairs where adding up, and all of them I contributed to my work as an SLP. (Okay, heredity was a significant factor too.)

All of this changed, (except for the hair) within the last six years as my life opened to the wonderful world of the unseen beings, which exist all around us. I’m talking about the devas, which are the architects of form on Earth, the elementals, which are the building blocks of form on Earth, the angels, who are here in service to humanity, and the human spiritual hierarchy with the Christ at the head, guiding humans with our spiritual growth. The training I received in working with the unseen realms for Earth Healing opened quickly into miraculous opportunities to travel and teach across Europe and the United States. The hand of Spirit was so palpable and obvious to those of us participating in this work. Joyous synchronicities and miracles were the hallmarks of this healing experience with the unseen realms. My life is magical and so blessed now, and I want to share with anyone who will listen, how you too can learn to work consciously with the Creator and the Creation for the highest outcome.

Before I share about a miraculous project I worked on for two years, I wish to offer more background ‘food for thought’. Our minds and the thoughts we think, the actions we take, create our reality. Everything responds to our thoughts. Everything. We are creator beings and we create first with our thoughts and next with our words and actions. Everything we give our attention to grows and becomes more alive. Our attention is like the sunlight on a flower, like fertilizer in a garden. If we give loving attention to our children, they learn to love themselves and others. If we think negative thoughts about others or ourselves, speak about the negative qualities of others or ourselves or expose ourselves to destructive images, like violent movies, events, and activities, unconsciously (or consciously) we can perpetuate those influences in our lives and in the world as well. This is very important to consider, especially for people raising and educating children. It is so important to teach our children about the reality of creating our lives as a result of what we choose to focus on. Simply put, if we want to be happy human beings engaged in life enhancing pursuits within the unified field of love, then focus on that which brings us joy and is also positive and beneficial for all.

So we each make a choice about the kind of reality we wish to experience. As human beings we have a responsibility to be conscious about the power of our attention, and what we choose to focus on is what we choose to attract into our lives.

So what does this have to do with being an overwhelmed speech language pathologist who also chooses to be a positive force for change in the world? Everything. Two years ago I took a position with the Main Street Middle School in Montpelier, VT. The previous SLP left suddenly due to personal matters and the position needed filling right away. At the same time I took the position, I started with special prayers on my way driving to and from school each day. Using a method of prayer shared by Machaelle Small Wright, Director of Perelandra, on my way to school I would open a modified ‘coning’ or connection to various specific aspects of Spirit. I called upon the deva or angel of the Main Street Middle School, the deva of Montpelier, the over-lighting deva of Speech-Language Pathology, and the higher selves of the students and teachers with whom I would be working that day. I would call in the angel of joy as well as other qualities I wanted to include. Then, aware of my connection in consciousness with all these beings, I welcomed them first with heart felt love and appreciation. I next asked them all to attune to the intention of working together to bring forth the highest outcome for all concerned in that day. I would close the prayers on that ride to school by saying, ‘May our loving co-creative efforts together bring benefit to all our relations.’ Amen.

To my amazement, the effects of those prayers on my workday were immediate and profound. My days became easeful, upbeat, and productive from then on, which had been extremely rare before. These positive workday experiences continued with consistency to the end of the school year. There were no more hassles, and we all, children, teachers, and myself, got along extremely well. I would even go so far to say I was experiencing heaven on earth, as everything to do with my work experience so clearly and palpably flowed within the spirit of divine Grace on a regular basis.

At the end of my day during the return ride home, I would give thanks for all the loving work accomplished at school that day, and then I would individually thank each consciousness I called upon earlier in the day, and then ask to disconnect from each. I would end the prayers by dedicating the merit generated by our efforts in that day for the benefit of all beings everywhere, Amen.

My next school experience as an SLP was working for the Benson Village School preschool program. Using the same prayer format as with the previous school, but calling upon the devic consciousness specific to that job, once again resulted in co-creating heaven on earth, with all experiences flowing within Divine Grace and Love on a daily basis.

The profound and beneficial nature of these two experiences is not to be underestimated, especially in light of what we see happening in the world today. For twenty plus years, work in my chosen field for me was far more challenging than gratifying. However, with a shift in awareness and skillful application of prayers (and lots of spiritual assistance), my experience as a speech-language pathologist was profoundly transformed into an experience of Light and Love expressed within the work environment.

This information is so important to share, as I believe this kind of opportunity is available to everyone. All we have to do is exercise our sincere love and appreciation and gratitude to the Blessed Creator and the Blessed Creation, (including those beings who represent Light and Love in your own unique experience), and then ask to work together for the highest and best outcome for all concerned. Imagine the benefit to the world if we chose to work co-creatively to transform our work situations, or any situation in which one frequently experiences difficulty or suffering. Imagine this transformed, loving energy going into the world, rather than our frustrations and negativity. After twenty-five years, my experience of working as an SLP in the public schools has been transformed literally overnight. Delight and joy are my steady companions now, rather than struggle and feelings of being overwhelmed.

This new co-creative way of being in the world is part of the new paradigm of possibilities that awaits us all. This new way of being is about remembering our wholeness and oneness with the Creator and the Creation. It’s important to include our loving identification with the sacredness of Creation. This is very important and very healing for the planet, especially since we live in a dominant culture that currently excludes the sacredness of Creation through a variety of destructive ways. May we work together in the spirit of Love and service to birth this new paradigm of wholeness and oneness and experience the true profound blessings of consciously co-creating with All That Is.

I hope readers will reflect on and work with what I’ve offered here. I welcome your feedback or questions and am grateful for the opportunity to share. Thank you.