Nature Requests Our Healing Energy Now: Will You Help?

By Jennifer Vyhnak

As an introduction to this piece, my inner wisdom strongly suggests it is important to share the following prayer process with you, the reader. As with all major writing projects or any kind of big project, I begin with a prayer, an invocation to the unseen realms for their assistance in the writing of this piece.

Beloved Mother/Father God – I come in the spirit of love, service, cooperation, and co-creativity. I would like to open a coning of Love; I ask to connect with the over-lighting deva of Love; I ask to connect with Pan; I ask to connect with my White Brotherhood team for Love; I ask to connect with my higher self, my whole self, my soul self, and my God self; I ask to connect with the deva of the article Lydia Phelan inspired on 9.28.04; I ask to connect with the over-lighting deva for clarity of expression and understanding; I ask to connect with the Triune Council of Queen Digonda, head of the Devic realms, including Pan, head of the Elementals, Arch angel Michael, head of the Angelic realms, and the Christ, head of the Human Hierarchy, including the Ascended Masters.

Beloved, I give thanks for this opportunity to work co-creatively with you to help bring forth the highest and best outcome for all concerned. May this article capture the essence of this blessed request for assistance, may it touch the hearts and minds of those who would be drawn to this work, and may our efforts together bring forth benefit for all. Amen.

So with my intention set, I wish to share about a great need at this time, a special request that goes out to all those individuals who love Mother Earth and all life upon her. This request comes from the wise ones among us, including our own inner knowing. I am deeply grateful to be a vehicle for this message.

The elementals need us right now. They are sacrificing so much, with little support from us. By lacking enough conscious support from humanity, the elementals are heavy with the burden of the great transformation we are in the midst of right now. We are asked to provide this support in simple, doable, practical ways, which I shall share in a moment.

For some background, one of my beloved human teachers, Lydia Phelan from Tucson, AZ, recently phoned. During these last couple months we have been discussing what is going on at the level of Spirit and what challenges and opportunities the whole planet is experiencing now. Lydia said to me the other day, ‘Jennifer, check in with the Beings of Light you work with and see how they are doing.’ So as Lydia tuned into the Beings of Light from Tucson, I put the phone aside, made prayers of gratitude, and asked to connect with the Triune Council, a group of great beings who have been working with me for about six years now for Earth Healing projects and other matters of the heart. They help facilitate the co-creative earth healing practices which humanity has requested and has recently received. The Triune Council also assists me in my communications with the unseen realms.

I then focused my prayers and attention on the elemental kingdom through Pan and asked him to send me whatever information that would help me understand what the elementals need from us at this time. As I paid close attention, I noticed a heaviness developing in my heart-space, which contained an essence of broken heartedness to it. I asked the Creator within if this feeling in my heart was indeed from the elemental kingdom, and received a ‘yes’.

As we intuitively know, in the larger picture, our collective unconscious and destructive choices have created an imbalance in the planet that the elementals are now seeking to rebalance through ever more extreme acts of nature. These violent acts of nature serve to release, cleanse and purify the energies we’ve created as a result of forgetting our connectedness, our oneness with all of life. When we act from this more limited identification with life, and fail to see the larger picture to which we belong, our actions can easily become shortsighted, disrespectful, selfish and destructive.

Because of humanity’s free will to choose and create destructive energy and intent, the elementals are forced to create that into the three dimensional world, which is against their true nature. But perhaps even worse than that, the elementals suffer because most of humanity is oblivious to them and to our co-creative role with them. Most of us don’t know the elementals exist, and therefore don’t see them, don’t work with them, don’t love them consciously. Like any living being which experiences neglect from their closest family members, we know this relationship dynamic can have a dramatic impact on that being’s ability to grow well and to be happy. This, believe it or not, is an accurate characterization of our collective relationship with the elemental kingdom, which presently suffers so from our continuing neglect and misuse.

Thus, arising out of my contemplation and deep listening, many of these insights came into to my awareness. To remain present in the moment, I sought to be neither attached to nor repulsed by the information coming to me. I soon was inspired to offer the elementals my love and deep gratitude and compassion for all that they give of themselves. As a representative of humanity, I offered them my apologies for using our free will to choose and create destructive energies and intentions, which again, the elementals are forced to embody although these directives are against the elementals’ true nature.

As I made my simple prayers of love and gratitude, I felt a shifting upward of this heavy, sad energy. It moved to the area of my throat, home of our throat chakra and center of our creative expression. As I gave words to the disharmony in my heart from the elemental kingdom, through this act of acknowledgment and offering of my heart felt gratitude to the elementals, I began to experience a shift of the energy to a higher vibrational level.

A sense of completion arose in my awareness and I picked up the phone and shared with Lydia all my impressions. She confirmed that she, too, had received similar information through her own intuitive knowing, while tuning into the Beings of Light. I came to the realization that we human beings can contribute so much to the elemental kingdom at this time, so much that is needed and that is being called for. Our contributions or offerings can be very simple. We don’t even have to engage in elaborate ceremonies. Just our sincere acknowledgement and heartfelt gratitude sends the healing energy. These offerings begin to heal our collective relationship with the natural world embodied by the elementals.

The time is upon us to make a difference now, and give the elemental kingdom the love and respect and gratitude it deserves. Please consider making prayers and offerings to the elementals on a regular basis. A great place to start is being grateful for the work of the elementals to maintain our own bodies. Also, at every meal, we can be grateful for all the beings that are giving of themselves so that we may live. Find ever-increasing ways to share our love and appreciation throughout our day. Sing our praises of love. Dance. Offer gratitude to our gardens. Send our love to all the animals that have served us, through offering their bodies as food or clothing, offering us their companionship, helping us to travel. Give thanks to the trees and old growth forests that still exist, being grateful for the stabilizing influence they have on the land and in our hearts. What ever it is that you love to do, offer it with prayers of gratitude to the elemental kingdom.

I am grateful to pass along this message from the wise ones among us, and from my own inner knowing. And I give thanks to my sister and teacher, Lydia Phelan, for following her own intuition and calling me when she did. When we follow our inner knowing, Creator’s work in our lives finds expression. For those with ears to hear, and with eyes to see, please consider offering your assistance in this much-needed way and contribute to our highest and best evolutionary path.

My friend Judy Newman contributes the following prayer:

(I offer this to my brothers and sisters as a way that I speak to the devas and I encourage everyone to create their own way)

Beloved devas, elementals, creators of the weather, balancers of the air, water, fire, earth-

I salute you and thank you for your part in the creation of this magnificent world. Your power and beauty thrill, awe, inspire and cleanse me. We are not separated. You and I speak to one another. I am grateful through all my being.

I ask that in this time of great change that mercy and kindness be granted to all the creatures of this earth; all that we call living and non-living. I ask that you make it such that those who are in harms way be shown how to protect themselves and how to endure. I ask that all who suffer and those that leave this physical plane be relieved of their pain and trauma so that they may be filled with divine light and love, to move quickly through and fulfill their spiritual ascension.

I know that I do not know. I surrender to your wisdom and grace. I ask that you balance and harmonize your work so that no greater harm be endured due to my requests.

I offer you my love, my living library, which is all that I am and will ever be, and whatever aid I may provide in accomplishing these requests. I thank you. Aho.